Stories Connect Us

You have a story to tell. We know this because we ALL have stories to tell, and we know that the act of storytelling helps us to better see and understand different perspectives. Remember how you used to think that your neighbour’s regular Saturday morning lawnmower sessions made him literally the worst human on the planet? Now you tear up with admiration every time you see him. Why? Because he told you his story, of course.

An Introduction

Here are the basics – OneKeyStory is an end-to-end video production studio that specializes in animated explainer videos. There are TONS of companies that will do the same, but we think we offer something extra.
For a start, we have an attention to detail and a client-focus that goes above and beyond. Combined with our passion, expertise and talent, these are the ingredients that make explainer videos that truly stand out. Go ahead and watch some of our videos. Now be honest, how many explainer videos have you seen that are as good as that?

What Is Your Onekeystory?

The One Key Story is our name for the authentic marketing message that will reach through the noise and connect you to your customer. This is kind of important, so important in fact that we named our company after it, so we never forget that story is the key to unlocking the full potential of businesses.
So what is your One Key Story? Is it about your company? A product? A Jedi knight on an adventure in a galaxy far, far away? That last one might be an intellectual property challenge but, hey, we love challenges!

We’re In This Together

If you know what you want to tell the world, that’s great, we will work with you to deliver an explainer video that meets your specific needs. If you are less sure, that’s okay too, we’ve got the experience to work with you and help find the story at the heart of your business, the story others need to hear

Whether you are a large company or a start-up, whether your story needs are technical or fun, whether you want to inform or entertain – or both! – we will deliver a great video that will help people understand and appreciate your business.

You know what clients love about us? They love that we have a plan but we’re still flexible. They love the personal attention and focus their projects receive and aren’t made to feel like just another number. They love that we wear matching Christmas sweaters at meetings – even in summer. They love our communication, animation work and the polish we give every video. And they REALLY love the results that our videos bring, like our video for RETB that grew their company by 20% in just 14 days.

It’s time to tell your One Key Story. We’ll bring the sweaters.

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