ALK has spent the better part of a century researching and devising allergy treatments that positively affect the well-being of people around the world. Their focus: allergy immunotherapy, a unique and specialized treatment that addresses the underlying cause of specific allergies, in addition to treating the symptoms.

Onekeystory has produced a really nice video that is both welcoming and demonstrates our highly complex production process in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. They are professional, quality conscious, creative and welcoming – I’ve had a very good cooperation with them and will definitely use them again in the future!

Heidi Vilsfort

Internal Communications Manager


Properly developing allergy immunotherapy treatments is extraordinarily time consuming and labor intensive. From gathering source materials across multiple continents, to standardizing and cleaning incoming allergens; through stringent wash and sterilization procedures and multiple rounds of quality control, there’s an incredible amount of complexity that goes into each batch of treatments. Doctors know that Alk Abello allergy therapies are the most effective on the market, but when slowdowns in product delivery occur, ALK needed to be able to clearly communicate why.


A visually rich animated video was the perfect way to explain a complex process to doctors (without having to talk their ears off!). What would have been a tedious explanation transformed into an engaging journey that clarified what happens before treatments are delivered, and reinforced the exacting standards that make ALK Abello allergy treatments best in class.


There were a lot of key stakeholders involved in making this video, so expectations were high. We’re proud to report ALK Abello loved the script, the video and our creative, collaborative process.

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