Barko is a subscription service for delivery of dog food and treats for your four-legged best friend.

Awesome video! We've had a great communication with Onekeystory. They have been professional throughout the entire project

Michael Roscoe



Barko is an online pet store, that introduced a new concept to the Danish market: A dog food subscription service, so that you never again have to think about buying dog food again. We worked with the client to find the Onekeystory that could get people to understand the concept in under a minute.


Let’s just face it. Animals are extremely cute. So we wanted to appeal to pet owners with “ooohhh” -adoring imagery (take a look at the framed dogs on the wall!), which complemented the videos’ more illuminating elements. At Onekeystory we love animals, so this was one of the more pleasant projects we have worked on.


But it was not just a fun experience. The client felt we hit the bullseye and used the video on their website and all of their social media.

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