Berendsen is a focused European textile, hygiene and safety solutions business with leading positions in most of the countries in which they operate.

The video has received great response from everyone who has seen it. We had a very good cooperation and your expertise to develop such a film was very helpful. We received clear communication, fast feedback and could reach out at any time with specific questions. Onekeystory are easy to work with and very responsive to challenges and changes - all at an affordable price.

Emil Lund


Berendsen is a company with a great reputation and an incredible new product, Smartgarment. We spent a lot of time communicating with the client to ensure that we fully understood how the product works and the variety of benefits that it offers to industries. It is this high level of understanding that allowed us to create such successful videos.


The client primarily needed the video for use in sales meetings, so we decided to create a longer length, as the target audience would be more engaged than the typical explainer video audience. We clearly and concisely cover a lot of detail and our fun animation style keeps the video feeling light and fun, despite the serious topic. At sales meetings this video was used to briefly and concisely explain the concept – and then the sales consultants would take over and do what they do best.


Our client received great responses and found that the video even opened doors of inquiry for their other products as well. Even if only focused on one product, if done well, an explainer video will create a positive impact across your entire brand.

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