Byggesagkyndig is one of the only construction advisory companies in Denmark with 100% impartiality exclusively working with private homeowners.

It has been a truly amazing experience with good constructive sparring during the initial stages of the videos. I can only give my highest recommendations of Onekeystory. They are extremely professional and take really good care of their clients.

Kristian Svendsen



The purpose was to inform their potential customers about the benefits of having a construction expert by your side during purchase of real estate such as housing or apartments – or other real estate related issues.

SOLUTION offers many different services, which would be too much information to squeeze into a single video.

We therefore chose to produce a single video that gave a comprehensive and easily-digestible overview of who are, what they stand for, what kind of services they offer and why they are the right partner for all construction-related jobs for private home owners.

Additionally we made 2 more videos to communicate the benefits of 2 of their other services: ‘Purchasing Advice’ and ‘Real Estate Inspection’ with the purpose of making the services easy to understand and help convince potential customers that is the right solution for their needs.

Throughout all the videos we have focused on the core (Onekeystory) of which is their impartiality, which is extremely important to make the customer aware of, as well as their great experience in with their core services that are difficult for competitors to compete with.


The videos have been at the center of their brand new website and are operating 24/7 as a sales person who constantly says all the right things in the right way, to every potential customer.


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