MHI Vestas

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind was founded in April 2014, but the company stands on the shoulders of giants with parent companies being two of the global leaders in wind power and offshore ventures. They aim to lead the industry with focus on driving down the Cost of Energy through sustainable wind turbine technology, project management, offshore experience and powerful partnerships.

We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with Onekeystory and we will definitely use them again when the time comes. They managed to combine a complicated message with a light/entertaining video for our internal communication. Furthermore, they involved our CVI, so everything was visualised and correct in relation to our branding and internal standards.

Jeppe Højmark

MHI Vestas


MHI Vestas’ incredible success also led to enormous growth. With that growth, inter-departmental processes, like procurement, became a challenge. With so many people to manage, it was difficult to help everyone understand how important their role was in the bigger picture. Inconsistencies and manual portions of the process meant too much time was being spent away from the real mission of the company.

In response, MHI Vestas created an automated system that made it possible for invoices to be automatically booked when procedure was followed. But old habits die hard. So our task: explain the system as clearly as possible and help people understand why trying something new and following the prescribed process makes everyone’s lives much easier.



Keeping the attention of many people across a large organization and cultivating buy-in is tough. The key here was to make it personal and tell a story employees could recognize themselves in. We created George the Production Supervisor, who helped us illustrate the downside to sidestepping the new procurement process with real scenarios provided by MHI Vestas. We then took viewers through a simplified experience of the new system, highlighting the benefit and ease it brings to George’s job, as well as to everyone else involved.


This was a big job to do in under 300 words. By keeping it simple, we helped MHI Vestas increase the likelihood that employees would watch, understand and buy in to a new process that helps reduce the time and headache spent on the procurement process. Unfortunately, we haven’t received permission to showcase the video, but the case-study images on this page should give you a pretty good idea of the video.

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