Smooff's vision is to create new products without drugs and side effects for quitting smoking that are effective and easy to use - and can give smokers a better health and life.

Good service and super good final result. Your graphic skills are top notch. I have nothing to complain about - quick response times, easy overview and regular updates. We are more than satisfied with the video and the communication we've had with Onekeystory. A big thank you. I will without a doubt recommend you to others!

Patrick Woolrych

Marketing Manager


Smooff had a great name, a great product and a killer tagline – “Quit smoking while smoking”. The problem, as conveyed to us by the client, was that people were skeptical about authenticity of the product and didn’t really understand how it worked. That’s a problem.

Luckily, we solve problems.


We worked with the client to come up with the Onekeystory, which followed a guy called Peter as he tried everything to quit smoking. In a fun and entertaining way, we clearly presented how Smooff helped him to quit smoking. Dry facts and graphs can be boring but with our visuals and a strong storyline, it never feels dull.


The client was so happy with the final product that he asked us to create a video for another product. And a Bus Commercial. And a TV Commercial. And a video for smoking cabinets. And graphics for use on social media. And…well, you get the idea.

While we are happy to just produce a single video, we’re even more excited to help in other areas. Long-term working relationships make projects so much more efficient because you learn to trust each other and develop a shorthand that gets results in much less time.

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