Speekio gives companies the ability to create their own page where they can conduct video meetings. All directly from the browser. No download or installation needed. Speekio also simplifies the hiring process for companies.

We are super satisfied with the final video. It explains our concept very well. Thank you for an awesome cooperation

Mads Boesen

Marketing Manager


Speekio had a complicated product that needed a clear Onekeystory to quickly and concisely explain how everything worked. From information overload to easy and fun. Less is more.


We kept the tone professional because their service was aimed for the b2b market. Add in our animation style and scriptwriting and you get a video that feels fresh and fun.


In the hands of another company, the same script could have resulted in a video that didn’t grab viewers. This is why our custom made animation design work is so effective in this space. Mixed with our expertise in scriptwriting and you get something really powerful. It’s sometimes a subtle thing but it works time and time again.

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