With Washa - even your laundry can now be taken care of online. With their app and website they handle both your laundry and dry dirty clothes as they pick up, wash, iron, fold and return it again within 48 hours.

The communication was really good with fast response-time. They were always easy to get a hold of, which was really nice and comforting. Before moving on to the next step in the process, I was always asked to accept the work that was done. This gave me a good overview of the entire project. I'm 100% satisfied with the video and how i turned out.

Karim Ben M'Barek



A few times a year, we like to work with a small business that has a BIG idea. Washa came to us to produce an animated explainer video that would quickly catch customers’ attention, explain the concept in a convincing manner and thereby increase the conversion rate. Although Washa was a team of three man, a limited budget and a brand new concept for the Danish market, we were so inspired by their work ethic and their startup that we chose to welcome them with open arms.


Because we were helping them to launch an entirely new concept to the market, we spent a lot of creative time making sure that we had a Onekeystory that could cut through the noise with their marketing message. We ended up with the “Laundry Hero,” and the story was so good that Washa still uses the Laundry Hero in their marketing materials – for example, our hero can be seen on the side of their company cars.


Since our cooperation, Washa has become a big name in the danish startup scene and is now a leading company with a strong team of investors on board, ready for world domination.

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