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Arguably, the most well-known explainer video

It is fitting that we kick the show off with a classic! So here’s the Dropbox video: The company Common Craft helped dropbox go viral with this video called “What is Dropbox?” back in 2009, when virility wasn’t even a common term. This shows the potential of a simple, well-crafted video that really understand its viewers needs, pain-points and desires.

Here’s the original:

Here’s a newer version:



Simplify a Complicated Business


In medicine, companies want their clients, customers and patients to feel safe, and one way to do that is through clear-cut communication. Here’s a visually rich animated video that was the perfect way to explain a complex process to doctors (without having to talk their ears off!). The task was to make it simple and easy to understand.




Animated videos make dry financial statistics come to life through animated charts and other visuals. This provides a great way to communicate complicated procedures so that consumers can understand and adapt quickly. Here’s one for Altrius Capital Management. Good job on the pictorial explanation Switch Video!


IT, Software & Cloud-Service

This Cloud Security Software Explainer keep viewers engaged while providing all the knowledge about IBM’s cloud security. It is a nice example of how your IT service, Software product, cloud-service, etc. can be brought to life and explained with ease. Well played!

Crypto Companies

Crypto start-ups as well as established crypto companies can benefit greatly from explainer videos!

Here’s a great one for Dether ICO Token Sale Promotional Video:

Here’s 5 reasons why you will benefit from simplifying your business communication in an animated explainer video!

1. They Explain your Services in Seconds!
2. Make sure visitors understand your company objectives!
3. Help Convert Website Visitors into Leads and Customers!
4. Helpful & Powerful Resources for Your SEO Strategy!
5. Engage Customers and Quickly Advocate the Crypto Course!



Stand Out with a unique USP!

Here’s one of our own revenue boosters. The Cleaning Company ‘RETB’ is a company that provides a great cleaning service. The problem is that there are many other companies and solutions that are competing in the same space. RETB needed to stand out and show potential customers exactly why their service was more desirable than all the others.
Watch the video (Danish) and get an idea of its visual potential:

The owner, Thomas, said:

In just 14 days the video has resulted in 20% increase in revenue. This forced me to buy three new company cars and to only advertise 10 days at a time, in order to keep up with the increased demand.

Read our case study here:


Demonstrate Your Product

Here’s an example of how our animators creatively have demonstrated a product with complex elements:

A video made the Supplier Center of Walmart, showing the benefits of having the product data both online and offline. Boiling down huge amounts of data to a simple short version everyone of Walmart’s customers will understand, we say “Good job!” on this video:

Explain Your App & Software

This is how Tarion explained their App Service quickly in an engaging and informative way. We are proud of the result:

Clarify Your Technology & Service

Here’s a class favorite! This video was made for Slack and contains many fine animations. Nicely done, Giant Ant Media! Slack relieves millions of users of pain every day by their simple and easy-to-use app that has it all. This is a great example of how a company with a complex technology is able to explain their service just as simply as it is to use! Oh! And it doesn’t even use speak to do it:

Tell Your Brand and Company Story!

Here’s how the big company Verizon told their story with an animated explainer-Live-Action video combo:

This is our client MACS and their brand story and services:


Use any Language and Accent!

Rest assured! You can deliver your message in your animated explainer video in exactly the language your are looking for. If you need a certain accent that is not a problem either. Here’s a good example from one of your own clients:


THE QUICKY – length does matter!

Some prefer a longer, fuller version, others a shorter, more compact…. Video, naturally! Whatever suits you best, we can handle them all! The well-discussed topic of humans’ short attention-span makes it clear why shorter videos are likely to perform exceptionally good with viewers, who are browsing through content hastily. Here’s prime example of a fantastic, short, animated explainer video:


Animation WITH a Non-Profit Cause

Here’s how one minute made a difference for non-profit companies.


For more case studies, take a look here:

Let’s have a chat about your next project – we love telling stories!


Have a nice day of business!




The Onekeystory Team



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