A Creative Agency and Production House in One

We serve as the creative agency and production house, taking projects from concept generation all the way to final delivery. Scripting, graphics, voiceover, animation, music – we do it all and we do it to a standard that we feel is several steps ahead of what a lot of the industry is able to produce. Considering the size, expertise and track-record of our team and the quality of work provided, we believe that our prices offer incredible value for clients. It’s important to remember that our quotes are also all-inclusive, which means no hidden surprises await you. Well, maybe the surprise of just how awesome your video is compared to what you paid.

The price for a video depends on a lot of factors, so we really need to learn more about your needs before we know how much it will cost. But hey, we’re smart people, we can probably come up with a solution that works for your specific budget, so drop us a line and let’s discuss the best approach for your business. 

Generally, we like a 50% deposit to get going, so we’re not out-of-pocket for our production costs, which mainly consist of coffee related expenses. Then we collect the rest when we deliver. Standard stuff. The video is truly yours, which means that all the assets created for the project now belong to you.

It's proven that explainer videos work.

Help customers understand what you do. Increase conversion rates and sales. Connect with your clients.