Research til din reklame

1. Discovery

Our first interactions are not just a great way to connect as people, they set the tone for the working relationship that is to come.  We’ll want to know all about your company and the product or services that you want to tell the world about. You can be as much a part of the process as you like. Hands-on or hands-off – it’s up to you.

Manuskript til din animationsvideo

2. Script

Now it’s time to really get creative. We will develop a script that tells a persuasive story, gets across important information as clearly and concisely as possible and entertains the pants off readers – for this reason we recommend reading our script in the privacy of your office.

Storyboard til din reklamevideo

3. Storyboard

Clients love this step because the storyboarding process is when we translate what we have imagined into visuals that will show you how everything will come together. We start off with a rough skeleton that includes style frames for getting a feel of the style and tone we’re going for.

Voiceover muligheder

4. Voiceover

We work with some of the best voices in the business and will hand-pick auditions for you to choose the best representation of your brand. Whether it’s fun and cheeky, or excited and youthful, or mature and authoritative – we’ll find the right person to tell your Onekeystory.

Animationer til din video

5. Animation

Once all the individual elements are perfect, we will bring them all to vivid life. When you see everything that we’ve worked on finally moving with top-notch motion graphics, you’re going to want to move yourself – breakdance!

Lyddesign til din animations video

6. Sound Design

The right music & sound effects in high quality will give the video an extra dimension and make you feel truly immersed in the experience. When the visuals, the story and the audio are all working perfectly in unison, that’s when you have a video that gets results.

Frequently Asked Questions


To put it simply, the shorter the better, and never more than 120 seconds. People’s attention span keeps decreasing, so if you want to keep them interested, keep it short! Our recommended length for most of our movies is 45 to 90 seconds.


Honestly? Not much, when you compare that to the benefits that a video will bring your business. Most of the 60-second animated videos we produce cost between $3,000 and $9,000, but the price varies depending on the length of your video, the style and the complexity of the story (that’s the number of characters, the setting, the research required). Can you find cheaper videos? Of course, but in the end, you get what you pay for. Our prices are studied to be cheaper than the market average, yet of the highest creative and marketing value. By the way, startups and NGOs get a special discount.

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